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How it Works

How would you feel about an investment where…

  • Your money earns a very high rate of return?

  • We use your money to renovate homes and restore neighborhoods?

  • Your investment is backed by real estate – the #1 investment in history?

  • You never have to swing a hammer, collect rent or manage a property?

Real Estate Investing
If you could make a great return on your money with minimized risk and effort, would that interest you? If so, Apply Today to see if you are right for our exclusive investor programs.

Private Investing

Real Estate Investing

Want great returns with a fixed double digit return?

  • We find deals and do all the work to fix them up

  • You invest in these deals with us. We won’t ask you to invest more than 70% of the after repair value

  • We pay you a fixed return each month until the property is sold or design terms that work better for your situation

Wholesale Deals

Selling a house

Already a real estate investors looking for more deals?

  • We find top deals in the area

  • 25-40% below market value

  • Sample Scope of Work sheets available for each property

  • Fast Close